Mike Taxes


After more than 20 years working with Tax Returns, we focused on fixing the “issues” of the clients in a prompt manner. We make a commitment to finish returns within a day so that you never have to wait. We typically respond to all calls and e-mails the same day, if not guarantee that you will receive a response within the next few days. We provide project-based pricing, so you will never be charged for phone calls, e-mails, or even in person consultations. All consults are FREE!!!  Finally, we work with you to educate you on your finances rather than just tell you what to do and when to do it. Also, to prepare you for the future taxes.

I have been in the Taxes industry since 2003 specialized with individuals and small businesses Tax returns.

While we are open to all types of clients, our focus is on individual tax preparation and service-based small businesses, like Rest, Handyman, Truck Drivers, LandScaping, engineers, contractors, real estate, Rental Business, information technology and any kind. We work with companies with Income. Nothing is too small for us.

We charge flat fees, however, like any professional service, it often depends on the scope of the project and time involved. Our individual 1040 tax returns begin at $170 (+tax) and our business tax returns begin at $250 (+tax) We can give a more accurate quote over the phone or via e-mail just by answering a few simple questions. That price includes electronic filing, and processing fees. There are never any additional fees or charges associated with the preparation of the return. We also provide discounts if multiple tax returns are prepared for the same client.

The length of time can vary from tax return to tax return, but we are committed to completing each return within 2 days of receiving all the relevant information for individual returns and 3 days for business tax returns.  We do not file extensions for clients unless they have provided us the information before our deadline.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that you won’t get audited. The IRS has different criteria for selecting returns for audit and that includes random selections. What we can guarantee is that you will be informed on any potential red flags and the risk/rewards for any position you take on a tax issue. We will also help you answer any IRS inquiries and stand by you during any audit.

Our offices are open all year, and we are available Monday through Friday from 9 to 7pm or by appointment on evenings and Saturdays.

We are available via email or phone. I also provide my cell phone to my clients so that they can reach me during off hours or via text.